Israel and Palestine Conflict

Disclaimer: The following content is based on facts and news published by miscellaneous writers and news channels established in distinct part of world. By no means this article is intended to hurt sentiments of any religion or to be biased or support any ideology. This is for informational purpose only.

Brief Introduction :

In order to understand the backbone of this contention lets jump on to the history to figure out how it started.

History of Israel/Palestine:

According to Hebrew Bible, Origin of modern day Israel can be traced back to the times of Abraham(who is considered the father of both Judaism and Islam).Multiple rulers invaded the modern Israel and started building Temples in the holy city of Jerusalem. Multiple rulers had ruled over the land like King Solomon, Crusaders, Arabs, Egyptians, Ottoman empire and the last being the Britishers.

Modern day Israel and Palestine was nothing but a piece of land that existed between the Mediterranean sea and Jordan river. That particular land was called as Palestine and the Arabs that dwell in there was termed as Palestinians. After the fall of Ottoman empire in 1918, Palestine became a land of utmost importance for Britishers due to its geographical location. British ruled Palestine for over 2 decades. During their reign, Britishers had already sowed a seed of partition by introducing a provision to make a Jewish Homeland in Palestine(This is what that created the element of anxiousness in Palestinians as they were in majority).

As time passed, the skirmish started between Jews and Arabs to claim the land. Due to the presence of Jerusalem(The sacred city for both Jews and Arabs), the Zionism movement started under which thousands of Jews migrated to Palestine. Persecution of Jews in neighboring countries was also a reason for their influx. After WW2, in the wake of rising conflicts and civil war, the United Nations provided an proposal to bifurcate that land for Jews and Arabs as Israel and Palestine respectively. This proposal came as a blessing for Jews as most of Jews had already migrated to that land. As a result ,Jews accepted the proposal but expectedly Arabs defied it. Britishers bid goodbye to that land after deliberately creating religious loopholes amongst the Jews and Arabs.

This is how the Modern day Israel were created. In a nutshell most of Palestine land was renamed as Israel as majority was Jews after the influx.

Major wars fought between Israel and Palestine:

Israel-Arab War 1948:

As soon as Britishers left the inhabitants in turmoil and fled, the neighboring allied countries of Arabs like Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria etc. intervened in order to defeat the uprising of Jews. As a result certain land were captured by Jordan and Egypt like West Bank, Gaza strip and Golan heights.

Six days war:

One of the most prominent war ever fought by Israel. Israel defeated Arabs allies i.e. Jordan, Egypt and Syria within six days. In this war their was also the intervention of two superpowers of that time i.e. USA and USSR. This war resulted as a Triumph for Israel as West Bank, Gaza strip and Golan heights were retained. This success of Israel made a mark in world history of Israel’s competency.

Political organizations of Israel and Palestine:

The contentious part lies in matter of Palestine. Palestine is recognized as a Independent state by almost 130 members of UN however US and Israel holds dissent.

With the rise in Bloodshed and catastrophe amongst the native, a political organization emerged in order to defend the pride of Palestinians. The PLO(Palestine liberation organization).

The sole motive of the PLO was to retain what was their and the dissolution of Israel. Apart from this, Hamas and Fatah(Islamist Militant group) took part in the conflict. Soon Israel declared Hamas and Fatah as a Terrorist organization. Interesting factor is that Hamas and Fatah both had fought multiple civil wars with each other hence it can be concluded that the emergence of these groups was conspicuously not to aid Palestine but to quench their own needs under the shade of Israel and Palestine conflicts.

Recent news and conflicts:

In the present time, Israel is the only Jewish state and occupies the majority of the land. Palestinians resides in contested West bank, Gaza strip. The holy city of Jerusalem lies in the Judaean Mountain located in the Border of contested West bank and east Israel. Jerusalem is claimed as the capital city by both Israel and Palestine.


In May 2021, there emerged a violence between two counterparts that surfed through news and matter got aggravated that it almost continued for more than a week. Several disturbing images and videos from conflict were streamed through the internet that put the blot in the Humanity and disclosed the true events of War and the catastrophe that it did both in terms of Lives and economy.

Their were several reasons for the rise of this conflict. Prominent reasons can be analyzed from the past of both Israel and Palestine but other reasons acted as a catalyst to it and it finally blew up.

April-May is the month of Ramadan which is a holy festival in Islam religion. Palestinian being Arabs, they celebrate Ramadan. Group of Palestinian were restricted to enter the holy Mosque by Israel police and barricades were planted. This created a matter of contention for Palestinians and conflict broke out between Civilians and Police. Apart from this, the native Palestinians that resided in West bank were evicted by Israel from their land. This escalated the matter and as a result, this 8 days war like situation occurred which included Israel and Palestine supported by Hamas and Fatah.

This conflict resulted in number of deaths majorly in Palestinian side. This matter could have been easily averted if Hamas and Fateh would not have intervened as they are Terrorist organizations and Israel being a proactive country in terms of terminating its foes(History has proved the capability of Israel) using potent weaponries.


Religion is the biggest enemy of the Humanity, Usurpation hold second position .

The past states the reason why countries had indulged in war, So does Israel/Palestine. This matter can’t be resolved without stringent rules laid down by the World leaders. The Two-State policy was also introduced which states that ,whole Israel would be divided into two parts for Israel and Palestine respectively so that both the parties can dwell in their state but the blocker was again the City of Jerusalem as both states consider it as Capital and hence this treaty was defied by Palestine but agreed by Israel.

We can’t judge and declare any side as Perpetrator, as I had already mentioned in some scuffles there are perpetrators and victims and in some both might be perpetrators or victim. Both the sides are protecting their ideology, lives and demands.

Practically the solution could be elimination of Hamas and Fatah from Palestine land as these two are the vital organs that demonize the Palestinians and bring misery to them.

Secondly the Two state policy appears to be pragmatic which would halt the violent conflicts which occurs due to land issues. Jerusalem is still a matter of concern but that too can be resolved.

We just need to take one step at a time and proceed with possible approaches.